BLEEN Photography is Claire Saccoccini.

Long story short, I am a city lady who fell in love with the ocean.

In 2011, I moved from Paris, France to San Francisco to write a new chapter in my life. With a background in commercial film production, I have been working for more than 10 years with international creative talents to produce award winning TV commercial films and music videos. In California, it’s only after a year that I set a foot on a surfboard, in Half Moon Bay, it was cold and messy but I got hooked from day one. It changed my life forever. 

Hooked to surfing, hooked to the beautiful coast. Photography was a very natural next step for me

In 2013, I became partner for photography with the awesome Half Moon Bay based surf school Sea, Surf & Fun. This adventure was a catalyst for me, giving me so much inspiration and fun.

The environment is a crucial subject for me. I have been partnering with Surfrider Foundation for several beach clean ups and art shows.

In the coming year, BLEEN Photography will develop lifestyle photography and some new partnerships with meaningful brands.

‘Having a camera in my hand has always been natural but it’s here in California that I realized how much I loved doing it. Time stretches to the infinite when I take photos and my ultimate goal is to encourage respect towards nature showing its pure beauty.’

I am a proud member of Surfline Local Pro program Check my profile here

All images copyright Claire Saccoccini. All rights reserved. 




Surf's Up - Danville Village Theatre & Art Gallery

July 8th to Aug 18th

Surf’s Up will showcase sea and surf themed artwork of 15 ocean and sun loving artists who hail from as far away as the tropics of Hawaii to secluded Marin County Beach Towns to the famous California Surf Town of Santa Cruz. 
Viewers will be delighted at the amazing sea life depictions beautifully painted onto retired surf boards. Surf’s Up will feature the original artwork of Erik Abel, Matt Beard, Bleen Photography, Clay Campbell, Shawn Griggs, Jeffrey Hemming, Yeshe Jackson, KTO, Llewellyn Ludlow, Kelly Mumford, Maia Negre, Jimbo Phillips, Mary Shisler, Frank Walsh and Kevin Walsh. 

Mavericks Invitational - Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.

My serie 'Cold Water is better' was featured at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. the official screening place during the world famous big wave contest, Mavericks Invitational.

First Prize winner at the SOS SEAFOOD Contest in Half Moon Bay

Category 'Conservation in action' with a picture taken during my last beach clean up in partnership with Surfrider FoundationSea, Surf & Fun school and Hurley. Thank you so much to the team who put this event together and to the prestigious sponsors. 

Surfrider Art Show - Message in the Bottle

On January 22nd, BLEEN was part of a collective exhibition curated by Eva Holman from SF Surfrider Foundation. Sponsored by Busvan Parklife, Klean Kanteen. 20% of all sales go to Surfrider Foundation.


Exhibition at The French Consulate in San Francisco

Official exhibition is at the French Consulate in San Francisco! I am really proud to have my work shown in our home away from home, our official institution. This exhibition is the prolongation of Clean the wave, our beach clean up below which took place in Baker Beach with 100 people. We are so used to see our work on screens, it is a unique thing to see my photographies alive, in a tangible space. I feel very encouraged and supported by amazing people. Check my new COLD WATER IS BETTER serie

French Consulate in SF - 88 Kearny Street - Free entrance.

From June 9th to September

Thank you Anne Degenne-Leconte for the curation and Sea, Surf & Fun for the inspiration.

Clean The Wave with SF Surfrider Foundation, The French Consulate in SF and Sea, Surf & Fun

We were 100 people on May 30th to clean Baker Beach in San Francisco! 120 pounds of trash of the beach.

Check all the photos here, staring an international orange magic bridge and a lot of smiles!

Thank you 


VIDEO (thank you Anne at the French Consulate in SF for putting together this film & making CTW possible)

Clean the Wave will follow with an exhibition of my work at the French Consulate in SF, coming soon in JUNE alongside the talented French painter François Miglio